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Proposed Bus Stop Balancing Plan

Bus Stop Balancing

Bus stop spacing guidelines

Many bus stops are too close together. Our guidelines propose spacing of at least 1,300 feet between stops, and 18 of 24 SRTA routes have an average stop spacing closer together than that guideline. 

Expanding the distance between stops will reduce the time buses spend sitting sitill at stops and allows for greater investment at other bus stops.

How might this impact you?
  • More reliable service

  • Increased investment per stop

  • Slightly longer walk for some residents

Bus Stop Amenities

With fewer stops to maintain, SRTA can direct those resources to remaining stops. Potential improvements to stops include:

Amenity graphic.png

How did we engage riders about our plan?

Factors considered for stop removal

Existing conditions: Crosswalks and sidewalks, lighting and amenities, ADA compliance
Usefulness: Nearby land uses, service to important destinations, transfer opportunities, location of opposite-direction stop

Impact to riders: Distance to nearest stop, higher concentration of high-need users, current ridership, public feedback

Speed and reliability: Location relative to intersection

We held two in-person meetings and provided an online feedback tool to solicit feedback on our recommendations.


​We asked:

  • Do you use any of the stops proposed for consolidation?

  • If that stop is removed, what amenities would you like to see at the nearest stop?

  • What improvements would you like to see at the stop you use most regularly?


The project team is currently working to incorporate the feedback we received into our recommendations. Our final recommendations will be available soon.

Consolidation feedback flier for WEB-05.png
Consolidation feedback flier for WEB-04.png
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