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Get On Board with SRTA

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Getting On Board is a broad based service improvement initiative for SRTA. The goal is to improve fixed route service to make it easier to connect with the places you need to go. The program is looking at elements of service such as bus stops, schedules, fixed route alignments, and unmet service needs. 

Bringing Better Bus Stops to the SRTA Service Area 

Bus stops are the “gateway” to transit, and SRTA wants to ensure that all bus stops offer the highest comfort and accessibility for passengers. SRTA Getting On Board looks at current bus stop locations, conditions, and amenities to create design guidelines and improvement plans that will make taking the bus easier, faster, and more comfortable.  

Bus Stop Design Guidelines

SRTA serves more than 1,100 bus stops in 7 different Massachusetts communities. We know that our stops could be improved with additional shelters, more passenger information, and better spacing. Bus Stop Design Guidelines will assist the region with improving all current and future SRTA bus stops and ensuring that they are consistent.


Specifically, they will: 

  • Incorporate national best practices around bus stop design and spacing 

  • Reflect agency, passenger, and stakeholder priorities 

  • Be flexible and applicable across different locations and ridership levels 

  • Help prioritize improvements to stops that need them most 

Bus Stop Balancing and Improvement Plan

Once the Design Guidelines are finalized, SRTA will put the Bus Stop Design Guidelines into action and create a plan to improve bus stop design and spacing. Expanding the distance between some bus stops will reduce the time buses spend sitting still at stops and get riders from point A to point B faster. We will need your help to understand which stops can be moved, removed, and added to speed up our service. Learn more on the Proposed Bus Stop Balancing Plan page.


Project Timeline 
  • January-March 2022

 - Review guidelines from similar transit agencies  

 - Document existing conditions of SRTA bus stops 

  • April-June 2022

 - Develop draft design guidelines 

 - Engage with the public and community groups to understand needs, desires, and priorities 

  • July-October 2022: 

 - Identify stops for improvement and consolidation 

 - Bring draft recommendations to the public for additional review 

 - Finalize improvement plans 


Meet the planning team, find out more about the project, and provide input.

View online documents.

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